Time’s Wheel

Album «Time’s Wheel» captures you with the cosmic flow in its stellar embrace, and your perception focuses on the life of a magical world filled with it’s sacred mysteries and riddles. Flight to eternity, so familiar for your soul, begins with the first intriguing note and opens in front of you a spiritual glow of billions of beams, that send you the harmonious sounds, easily combining the colors and tones, like stringing beads on a thread.

Dreams, your secret dreams that appeared by a wand wave and get the shape and form. Here and now they are dancing in front of you, wrapping your mind with the sweet haze of vision of future and bring you up to the top of the mountain, where you may enjoy absolute tranquility and freedom, watching the fleeing clouds.

And the airy white clouds evaporate gradually, opening to you the road leading to Siledia. Your heart, that guides you in this timeless journey into the seductive uncertainty has whispered to you this name.

Ongoing changes completely transform you. And what once was a secret becomes a reality. Mystery of existence of all the amazing and imaginative worlds beyond the reach starts to reveal in front of you. You turn the key once more and the picture you see changes your perception of reality into 360°. You are surrounded by the magic of universal love. And life acquires a new meaning for you. Life becomes a game of shadows and light in infinity.

Just to live, to enjoy and love, to give happiness and kindness, accept favors from the universe – all this becomes a natural state for you.

You as if reborn are entering the road, leading to adventures, your soul starts to sound like thousands of crystal bells from the touch of a fresh breeze…

And gradually, step by step, the fragrance of the flame of your heart permeates everything that you do, spreading the fire of passion for this life on the others, and starts to burn brighter and brighter, expanding and flaring up more and more beyond time and space.

And you start to recall true yourself …

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