2014-10-25 Melancholy Mastering

We’ve got the first track ready — Melancholy. Usually the process of mixing / mastering of the one track lasts for a week because of the remoteness of Vladimir (we work online with him). I make the first version of the song and send for moderation. Then, if necessary, am making some changes, and in this way we achieve consensus on sound of the mix, thereafter you listening the finished song… See mastering process — 15 seconds of «Melancholy».

The River of Times EP — Teaser

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EPK 2014, August

I met Vladimir, the architect of the Edelis project, in 2007. Our friendship began with an e-mail where Vladimir asked to listen to some his compositions, and I heard something imposing. Since, we have been closely working in the field of recording, issuing albums, and we are just good friends.

Developing, Edelis year by year is bringing listeners all over the world together, and it is not surprising because the created musical energy is able to inspire, to purify and to charge people with positive, romantic or magic mood. I would sure like to meet Vladimir personally, and to feel the world around him and, what is most important, to transfer this feeling to the listeners of our label.

An interview with Vladimir Volodin, a composer and a producer of the Edelis and Ashterra projects.

Absorbed by Space

The compositions of the project «Edelis» were like a breath of fresh air, a kind of oasis for those who live their lives amid the megapolis’ vanity. This may be connected with the fact that Russian producer and composer Vladimir has chosen a place far away from the big city for his home. Every year we get new and new impressions, and 2012 is not an exception. «Edelis» has prepared for us a magical journey – its new album «Ether».

From the first seconds of listening we can pay attention to the appearance of the vocals. Almost every track has vocals, some tracks are even supplemented with poems, and this innovation sounds very easy. Meditative rhythm, romantic outtakes, and mysterious melodies accompanied by atmospheric instruments and gentle female voice make «Ether» so special in «Edelis’» discography.

The album «Ether» cannot be compared either to a stormy river or to the smooth surface of water. It has a flowing motion, motion towards the pearly light. Vladimir carefully worked on the arrangements and thereby created a sense of flight and weightlessness during all 13 tracks of the album. With your eyes closed, you can dissolve in the realm of fantasy and may not notice how these 60 minutes pass. It is fascinating, and you want to experience this ethereal flight all over again.

Album «Ether»