Moment of Creation

The album «Moment of Creation» is a piece of mighty power of love and spirit, manifested in our reality. With each musical note, you feel that you are being filled with creative pure energy. A magical river carries you to the exiting journey through the mysterious places of the ancient Universe. Step by step, the awareness of the space around us comes to mind: you feel that you can create your own eternity, your own unique fairytale world.

Magically, a marvelous forest appears where one can read the thoughts of the Universe. The strength of mind helps you to find stairs straight to the Heavens where you can stroll about the different magical Worlds. The changes are about to happen. A new generation is coming – the Generation of Light – so now, following the way of the Lord, you are about to face the moment of the creation of a new Universe, of your own Universe.

It’s time to wake up, to realize yourself.

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