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Russian-born composer and producer, Vladimir Volodin (aka Edelis), creates a moving album of new age, ambient, atmospheric, and down-tempo delight with an eighteen-minute release that includes four different tracks. The instrumental songs represent an adventurous romp on a heavenly side with wispy electronics, blurby percussion, worldly sounds, and diverse beats. The music is steeped in chill-out and lounge with mystical elements that transport listeners to the outer dimensions of human perception.

«Logos» begins with a high shrill of a flute with a few light industrial sounds in the background. There are synth sounds that resemble swishy showers of cymbals, but a light dance beat and indiscriminate vocals follow the beat. The symphonic background noise and swishy, electronica-infused concoction contains trickles of diverse sounds in the spirit of Tangerine Dream and Enigma. Mid-song, the melody incorporates a light instrumental rock beat, but nothing is too defined or abrasive. Instead, the melodic tones, light strings, and keyboard medleys make the song stand out with unbridled musical passion.

«Silver» opens with an atmospheric wash, drippy sounds, and oscillatory washes that sparkle with mystical musicality and angelic expressiveness. The music delves into a drippy, swishy, and trip-hop-infused delicacy with a few indiscriminate vocal sounds. The trippy sounds float along in a rather laidback manner with eerie, fluid, and diverse sounds abounding. The melody allows various sounds to permeate the background noise with a delicate structure and solid delivery. The experimental ambient noises and smooth sound delivery is something more akin to Tangerine Dream than Enigma. At any rate, the music is inspirational, entrancing, and strangely appealing—all in a good way.

«The Gate Of Worlds» begins with a few piercing, atmospheric washes and industrial sounds with mechanical effects amidst a blurby, dance beat void of percussion. The blurby sounds and piercing background noises float effortlessly into a full-blown electronica dance track with percolating sounds of ambient brilliance and swishy percussion. The electronic mishmash is rather appropriate and without any fault. Mid-song, the track quiets before the final half of the song continues to mimic the first half. The final seconds boil with an eerie, blurby affect that sheds the percussive introduction, but keeps the atmospheric pierces and gentle, twinkling sounds of electronica.

«Drops Become A River» opens with an atmospheric medley of washes and a few other piercing sounds with ghostly industrialism and mechanical fantasy. The drippy sounds give way to a rock instrumental affect that incorporates a piano ballad, punchy and swishy percussion, and trickles of electronic passion amidst a couple of indiscriminate, female vocals. The down-tempo tune ambulates with a heavenly saunter that incorporates a wide variety of shimmering sounds, punchy piano, and ocean sound effects. The swishy sounds and contemplative beats are rather primordial and primitive, but the result is meditative, futuristic, and ground-breaking. The atmospheric washes, otherworldly vocal sounds, and fairly steady beat overall makes the song shine with spectacular results.

Edelis’ new album, Logos, is an introspective and meditative cross-section of inspirational electronica music. Edelis combines the earlier work of Tangerine Dream and Enigma with a futuristic edge amidst a dance beat with trip-hop and chill-out tendencies. The result is a relatively diverse medley of sounds, melodies, and rhythms that are largely reserved for the electronica genre. However, the songs are not too electronic or too abstract throughout. The tracks are also wholly instrumental with a few minor exceptions where indiscriminate, female vocals are present—primarily for an instrumental accompaniment. At any rate, Edelis succeeds on all accords with Logos. Outstanding!

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