Cryptic Secret

Album «Cryptic Secret», surrounded by a lunar aureole and a soft brilliance of stars, from the first notes opens to You a magical space, sparkling in the high layers of the atmosphere.

The secret, tied in the mystical knot by Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty, begins to disentangle with each composition, embroidering before You patterns which have the power of wind and communication with which brings a peace to the soul and the desire to turn wishes of thoughts into miracles. The power of wind, having a pure energy of the wisdom, helps You to find the runes which have been lost in antiquity and through the sky appear in the world of love, dip into its alluring stream of delights and tune up new colours!

And, exhaling a flavor of love, to merge with the harmony of the Universe, to feel youself its important part, to believe in dearest hopes and, following the call of the heart, to go en route to the Sun. The first rays of the dawn are breaking through the deep night …

It’s time to make the first step.
The First Step to Your Light Dream.

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